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Our JillsDills

It became very apparent in the summer of 1995 that my daughter Jillian, at the age of 4, loved pickles. Because of this I thought it would be unique to make our own, so I started by making only a few jars, and altering the recipe until it was just right. Every summer from that day on it has been an annual tradition for me to make dill pickles for friends and family but most importantly, Jill. ​

As Jill grew, her role became more involved in the pickling process. It was December 3, 2006, when the JillsDills unique branding occurred with the logo and the handmade dill pickle magnet that is attached to every jar.  

Through the ongoing encouragement of family and friends stating that, "there is no other dill like JillsDills", we started to increase the number produced every year to satisfy the demand. 

During the summer of 2014 the concept of actually selling pickles, and more importantly, selling them out of a dill pickle trailer was envisioned. From this the JillsDills Boler was created. 

It has now grown to become an annual family tradition in our household involving all of our family (including Grandmas) and friends. 


So, when you're at a market and see the JillsDills little green pickle Boler, you know you're going to get the best tasting all natural pickle

                    - Jill's Dad 

I love pickles!


Jill age 4

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